Commercial Roofing

A commercial building with a problematic roof is an industrial structure with a defective roof. A leaking commercial roof may cause a lot of damage, and it is the last thing any company owner wants to deal with. Commercial roofing professionals are part of our experienced teams of builders, and they can assess and restore roofs promptly and affordably. Preventing your commercial enterprise or company from any further damage caused by rain, storm, and other factors requires high-quality commercial roofing.

Commercial Roofing near me:

Go Seal Tights Installation has worked with a variety of top-tier commercial roof raw products to provide you with a wide range of professional and cost-effective roof material selections and styles. We will engage with you to achieve your requirement and timeline, and we will deliver a service that you will be delighted with.

Commercial Roofing Services:

Go Seal Tights Installation may restore your commercial roofing using the same sort of residential roof structure you now have or design something new.

Commercial Roof Maintenance:

There never is a specific time for a blaze, flood, or other damages to strike a commercial organization. Closures and restorations frequently result in a loss of revenues and output. That is why the professionals at Go Seals Tights Installation are committed to completing your services to customers, restorations, and repair work as quickly as possible while minimizing downtime for your business.

Go Seal Tights Installation takes on projects of all sorts. Our skilled team is ready to help you with any commercial restoration or residential construction project.


Seal Tight has more than 30 years of experience and has over 1500 satisfied customers. Our strong professionalism produces top quality workmanship and on-time construction. We are equipped to handle any size commercial roofing construction project.

We provide the following commercial roofing services:

  • slate and tile roof
  • shingle and composite roofs
  • standing seam roofs
  • copper, metal, and flat roofing
  • steel roofing
  • sloped roofing
  • commercial roof maintenance
  • roof inspections
  • roof
  • roof cleaning
commercial roofing

At Seal Tight, we pride ourselves on working with our New Jersey customers, to source & select the proper roofing materials required to reach their desired goals. We utilize some of America’s leading roofing manufacturers & rain gutter suppliers, to ensure a “Made in the USA” level of satisfaction.

Service Life Expectations: Depending on your specific application, many of these materials require specialized installation techniques to achieve  maximum service life. These often include the correction of improper roof drainage conditions, the fabrication of custom sheet metal flashings/under drainage systems, and the application of upgraded roofing underlayment products.

All of Seal Tight Roofing & Rain Gutters employees are well versed in this level of material-specific installation and will promptly & properly inform you of any related and/or required steps.