This contract shall not be legally binding until after the effective date is affixed and the fully executed contract has been returned to Seal Tight Installations LLC The contracting officer shall issue a written notice to commence work to the Seal Tight Installations foreman, directing the foreman commence performance Wich is on or after the effective date.

Seal tight Installations shall not commence the performance of any work prior to the date set forth in the notice to proceed and the client shall not be liable to paySeal Tight Installations for any services or work performed or expenses incurred before the date set forth to proceed.

No Seal tight employee has the authority to verbally direct commencement of any work under this or any said Seal Tight Installations LLC contract. Seal Tight Installations reserves the right upon notice to extend the terms of the contract for up to 30 days upon the same terms and conditions. This will be utilized to prevent a lapse in contract coverage and only the time necessary up to 30 days to enter into a new contract.